Rugged Displays: Tough Enough for the Job

Rugged Displays: Tough Enough for the Job

In sectors such as the military, marine, industrial and energy, harsh environments demand the most robust equipment. Dirt, dust, moisture, vibration and knocks mean that consumer-grade technology simply isn’t up to the job, and when it comes to screens, you need to know that they’re not going to crack under pressure.


What to look for in a rugged display

When it comes to buying a monitor that will go the distance in a hostile setting, there are a few things worth considering:

  • Look for robust screens that have been designed and engineered to work in extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures, or in moist environments. Search out rugged equipment that has been specified as suitable for marine, military and industrial settings.
  • Ensure that the monitor you’re considering has an appropriate number of video inputs and that these are compatible with your needs, and with the demands that will be put upon it.
  • If your monitor is going to be used out of doors, you’ll need a sunlight-readable screen. LED backlighting and optically bonded glass will ensure that the monitor is still functional even in the brightest sunlight.
  • Furthermore, you’ll want an all-weather display if it is going to be mounted out of doors – which means it will still work in extreme temperatures and when it’s raining or snowing.
  • A high level of shock resistance is critical for monitors that are to be used in industrial settings.
  • Good quality rugged equipment doesn’t need to be bulky. You should still be able to acquire a monitor with a smart, sleek surround that won’t take up too much space.
  • You’ll find that rugged monitors and displays come with a range of different features, so there should be one to suit your needs. However, you can always opt for a customised option, where the solution is designed to your specific requirements.


Rugged display options

At Rugged, as well as offering customised displays and monitors, we keep a wide range of different screens in stock, suitable for a variety of requirements:

  • Desktop displays – tough and durable for heavy duty use and good for retail and public environments.
  • VESA mount displays – flat panel mounting for a range of applications.
  • Panel mount displays – good for tight spaces, front or VESA mounting.
  • Chassis mount displays – sleek monitors in minimal housing for use in confined spaces.
  • Marine certified displays – designed for maritime applications like navigation and surveillance, certified by DNV for operation on ships.
  • Open frame displays – versatile screen in an open-frame housing for rear and VESA mounting.
  • Rack mount displays – put your screen where you need it with sturdy rack mountings.
  • Panel PC – feature packed and built for the harshest conditions.


For information and advice on which rugged display will best suit your needs, ring the Rugged experts on 44 (0) 1474 240 120 or contact us via our website.


UK-based RUGGED is your one-stop, go-to supplier with a wealth of experience in providing cutting-edge and cost-effective computing solutions specifically designed and innovatively engineered to operate reliably in demanding environments and conditions. Add to that an unparalleled range of customer-focused value-added services, you will find all your RUGGED computing needs covered.

Need an innovative custom solution for your unique requirement?

Regardless of how simple or complex the requirements may be, RUGGED has the experience and expertise to provide you with the most optimal solutions to the toughest computing challenges. Whether you need to tweak a standard product or create an entirely new one, our product engineering specialists are standing by to execute your vision into an innovate and successful commercial reality.

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