Trackballs for Marine Applications

Trackballs for Marine Applications

When lives depend on it, maritime ICT needs to be robust, fit for purpose and durable. There are no spare parts depots in the middle of the ocean and if your technology fails it can put your crew in danger. For this reason, choosing your marine technology is a serious business and it’s not an area in which you want to cut corners or take chances. Here’s a roundup of the top five trackballs for marine applications.


E50-Desktop-Halo Cursor Controls Trackball

Incorporating the latest Cursor Controls technology, the E50 Desktop Backlit Halo trackball is highly specified and is IP68 certified fully waterproof. It features a large 50mm ball for precise control, integrated left, middle and right switch functionality, and a hall-effect scroll wheel.

E50-Panel Cursor Controls Trackball

Designed for use in the most demanding environments, the E50 Panel module incorporates the latest Cursor Controls IP68 technology, making it a completely waterproof trackball solution. It includes a solid-state optical trackball, along with an integrated hall-effect scroll wheel and left, middle and right switch functionality – in other words, the ultimate interface solution for controlling your cursor. The E50 has been designed to be back of panel mounted as part of OEM keyboards and consoles.

E50-Panel-Halo Cursor Controls Trackball

This high-specification track ball with hall-effect scroll wheel features halo illumination on the ball and switches. Due to its solid-state optical trackball, this device can be subjected to extreme conditions, and can be safely washed and decontaminated when necessary. Designed for back of panel mounting as part of OEM keyboards and consoles, this module is the perfect combo of trackball and scroll wheel.

E38-Panel Cursor Controls Trackball

The E38 Series Panel Mount trackball module has been designed with ergonomics in mind. The latest Cursor Controls solid state sensing and IP68 technology make it robust enough for the toughest marine conditions, and it features infra-red optical navigation technology. The key features include sealing to IP68, integrated hall-effect scroll wheel, 38mm ball for precise cursor control and solid-state design for easy cleaning and maintenance.

E38-Desktop Cursor Controls Trackball

This combination of patented optical trackball technology and the new Cursor Controls hall-effect scroll wheel make this first choice for a water-resistant desktop trackball solution. The E38 is certified to the IEC 60945 Marine Standard and is waterproof sealed to IP65. It also features infra-red navigation technology and a 38mm ball for precise cursor movement.


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