TRY50 Megatron Hand Joystick

TRY50 Megatron Hand Joystick

TRY80 Megatron Hand Joystick

TRY80 Megatron Hand Joystick

TRY52 Megatron Hand Joystick

Multifunction handle: Compact and strong

TRY52 Features

  • 1 And 2 Axes
  • Up To 10 Millionen Cycles Under High Loads
  • Upto IP68

The TRY52 offers everything a joystick for heavy-duty applications needs: High durability of all components, IP68 (depending on specific configuration), and an ergonomic handle design for the integration of further functional devices like e.g. switches, rockers, mini joysticks, trigger, deadman switch, and others.

Manufacturer or Brand Megatron
Mounting Format OEM, Panel Mount
IP Rating IP68
Interface USB, Analog, CAN
Housing Colour Black
Certifications CE, RoHS compliant, Declaration of Conformity
Temperature Rating Operating Temp -40C to +70C (CAN-BUS: -25C to +75C)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime 10 million cycles (typical use)
Axes 1 to 2
EMC Emissions Level IEC 61000-4-8:2009
EMC Immunity Level (V/M) IEC 61000-4-3:2006
ESD IEC 61000-4-2:2008
Expected Lifetime 10 million cycles (typical use)
Interface / Connection Analog, USB, CAN (J1939), Voltage Regulator
Maximum Applied Force X-/Y-Axis 650 N
Operating Force 7,5 N
Operating Temperature -40ᄚC to +70ᄚC (CAN-bus: -25ᄚC to +75ᄚC)
Output Impedance 2 Ohm
Output Voltages 0..5 V / 0,5..4,5 V / 0,25..4,75 V / redundant output available
Overvoltage Max 20 V
Protection Class up to IP68
Resolution 1,22 mV
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Reverse Polarity Max -10 V
Sensor Hall Effect
Storage Temperature -40ᄚC .. +75ᄚC
Supply Current 13mA per sensor
Supply Voltage 5 VDC ᄆ0,5 VDC transient free
Technology Hall Effect
  • 1 And 2 Axes
  • Up To 10 Millionen Cycles Under High Loads
  • Upto IP68
The Megatron TRY52 is used in a wide range of industries for a broad range of rugged applications. The most common applications for the Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick are listed below:-

  • Broadcast Consoles
  • Computer Consoles
  • Industrial Automation
  • Marine Consoles
  • Medical Equipment
  • Smart Factory
  • Sound Editing Desks
  • Video Editing Desks
  • Industry 4.0

These are just some of the applications for the Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick The potential applications extend further than those shown above. For further information about the Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick or to check if the product is suitable for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We take pride in our highly skilled in-house technical team and our strong relationships with manufacturers. Together, we are well-equipped to provide you with an array of options and configurations for the Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick to suit your requirements. These options include:

  • Cable Type
  • Cable Length
  • Interface
  • Joystick Handle

If your application requires unusual or individual modifications not listed above for the Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick, please contact us with your exact requirements and we will help create a custom solution to meet your needs.

The Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick has a 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials from the date of shipment, (unless otherwise agreed in writing)

To obtain service under this warranty, the warranty-eligible product, Megatron TRY52 Hand Joystick, must be presented to us here in the UK.

For further information on the above or for repairs and service outside the the scope of warranty, please visit the warranty section of our webiste.