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Why Choose Rugged?

Cutting Edge Technology

Tested for the toughest conditions

When you need computing technology that can go above and beyond the expectations of the high street, our product range will be able to deliver. We can supply rugged hardware that are tough, reliable and innovative.

Relationships Before Sales

In it for the long term

We're not interested in selling you one item. We're interested in building a relationship with you. A long-term partnership means we offer advice and solutions that will last, rather than quick fixes at knock-down prices.

Industry Expertise

We know what we're talking about

Our knowledge together with our experience in mobile & harsh computing has been hard-won, but it means that we are in a stronger position to offer you the best advice on rugged hardware for your situation.

Your Solution

One size certainly doesn't fit all

When you come to us with a challenge, we'll look for a creative and technical solution that will suit you. We specialise in bespoke order fulfilment and can incorporate a multitude of options and configurations.

Value and Quality

Cost effective solutions

We know that you need to work within a budget, so we'll always work towards providing you with the best fit-for-purpose solutions that offer the most value for money without compromising on the quality.

Customer Support

It's not an afterthought

We view customer support as an essential service, not a bolt on. This means that every time you buy from us, you'll gain access to technical support and advice for the life cycle of your product.

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