O38 Cursor Controls Trackball

O38 Cursor Controls Trackball

P16 Cursor Controls Trackball

P16 Cursor Controls Trackball

O50 Cursor Controls Trackball

This state of the art high specification Trackerball uses Patented Optical technology, providing a robust, back-of-panel mount unit, available with a variety of electrical output formats, variable friction controls and sealing to IP68 / NEMA 6 (tested

O50 Features

  • Solid State Optical Navigation Technology
  • Sealing Up To IP68
  • Smooth Operation In Rugged Environments
  • Various Top Plate Configurations
  • Various Ball Colours

Utilizing the latest and most advanced optical tracking technology, the O50 Series Trackerball™ is an extremely high specification, contact-less device, ideal for the most demanding of cursor control applications. The optical tracking engine provides accurate cursor motion at all speeds, combining the benefits of solid state sensing (no moving parts except the ball) with the aesthetics, functionality and performance associated with the Cursor Controls product range. O50 Series trackballs are available with a variety of electrical outputs, tracking force options, and sealing capabilities up to IP68. The solid state design allows the device to be subjected to extreme conditions and provides the user with the ability to wash down, decontaminate, and sterilise, making it the ideal trackball for a wide range of demanding applications and environments. The O50 Trackball unit has been designed to be back of panel mounted as part of OEM keyboards and consoles. This unique unit provides a smooth running solution for the most demanding of applications, where precise cursor control is required on a regular basis. Manufactured using high performance polycarbonate and containing no moving parts (other than the ball), the O50 has been tested to over 1 million revolutions and will undoubtedly provide many years of reliable cursor control operation.

Manufacturer or Brand Cursor Controls
Mounting Format Rear Mount
Interface PS2, USB
Case Material ABS Polycarbonate
Housing Colour Black
Certifications CE, RoHS compliant
Temperature Rating Operating Temperature 0C to +55C *
Storage Temperature -25C to + 85C *

* Rating of most sensitive components.
Warranty 18 Month Limited Warranty
Lifetime > 1 million ball revolutions
Ball Epoxy Resin, 50.8 mm
Ball Load >500N Maximum downward pressure (50 Kg) for 2 mins
Ball Rotation Continuous and reversible in any direction
Ball Speed 14.4 IPS (2.3 Ball Revolutions per Second)
Housing Material Polycarbonate
Interface Filter USB & PS2 (Auto Select)
Mounting Filter Rear Mount
Mounting Position All angles (Dependant on top plate arrangement)
Power Supply Voltage 3.6V to 5.5V Supply Current 110mA typical
Resolution (Quadrature) 314 / 157 pulses per ball revolution, switchable (custom resolutions available)
(Protocol mode) 1256 pulses per ball revolution (custom resolutions available)
Tracking Force 10 grams Nominal Continuous Free Running 80 grams Nominal Continuous Friction / Scraper Ring
Transducers Optical Navigation Technology, solid state sensing
  • Solid State Optical Navigation Technology
  • Sealing Up To IP68
  • Smooth Operation In Rugged Environments
  • Various Top Plate Configurations
  • Various Ball Colours
  • Vx3 Integrated Zoom Feature
  • USB & PS2 (Auto-Select) Or Sun Systems
The Cursor Controls O50 is used in a wide range of industries for a broad range of rugged applications. The most common applications for the Cursor Controls O50 Trackball are listed below:-

  • Broadcast Consoles
  • Computer Consoles
  • Industrial Automation
  • Marine Consoles
  • Medical Equipment
  • Smart Factory
  • Sound Editing Desks
  • Video Editing Desks
  • Industry 4.0

These are just some of the applications for the Cursor Controls O50 Trackball The potential applications extend further than those shown above. For further information about the Cursor Controls O50 Trackball or to check if the product is suitable for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We take pride in our highly skilled in-house technical team and our strong relationships with manufacturers. Together, we are well-equipped to provide you with an array of options and configurations for the Cursor Controls O50 Trackball to suit your requirements. These options include:

  • Cable Type
  • Cable Length
  • Interface
  • Trackball Colour

If your application requires unusual or individual modifications not listed above for the Cursor Controls O50 Trackball, please contact us with your exact requirements and we will help create a custom solution to meet your needs.

The Cursor Controls O50 Trackball has a 18 Month Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials from the date of shipment, (unless otherwise agreed in writing)

To obtain service under this warranty, the warranty-eligible product, Cursor Controls O50 Trackball, must be presented to us here in the UK.

For further information on the above or for repairs and service outside the the scope of warranty, please visit the warranty section of our webiste.