Introducing the Rugged Automation Box PC Solution

Introducing the Rugged Automation Box PC Solution

If you’re looking for a motion control system for embedding in factory production applications, we’d suggest taking a look at the MAI602-M4D80 from iBASE. This has been designed for use in a number of manufacturing processes such as automated optical inspection, semiconductor wafer handling, packaging and material handling systems. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the specifications below.


Performance and power

The MAI602-M4D80 is a fanless motion control system which incorporates an iBASE MB300-TLP customized board. It’s powered by 7th/6th Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3 desktop processors and has been built with a 4-axis motion control PCle card that enables it to achieve the performance and positioning abilities required by high-performance servo/step motors. It’s also ideal for use in visual inspection applications, as it has an integrated camera that responds to a position comparison trigger.


Furthermore, it comes with a built-in 80-ch isolated digital I/O card, which can control and monitor the switches of surrounding digital signals and alarm signals.  There is also an alternative model that comes with two slots to allow for alternative control cards. iBASE’s Field Bus MotionNET modules are supported by the Mini PCI-E included and this results in extra I/O and motion control abilities.


One of the real advantages of this embedded computer is its rugged qualities. Compact and fanless, it can operate at temperatures of up to 50°C. It’s also protected against accidental reverse polarity, over voltage or under voltage. Even though it has no fan, the design ensures that heat dissipates rapidly, as there are enclosure vents that allow airflow to the internal components, and there is a heatpipe mechanism to speed up cooling.


It’s also very easy to install, using either the provided wall mount bracket or an optional DIN-rail bracket. To make things more convenient for the user, the I/O interface and cable routing have all been located on the same side.


Key features

  • iBASE MB300-TLP customized board for fanless motion control
  • Supports 7th/6th Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processors
  • Available with an optional 2MB MRAM
  • Front removable drive bay for HDD/SSD (supports RAID 0/1)
  • 4 Axis Pulse Command Motion Control
  • 80 ch. Isolated Digital I/o (48 ch. DI/32 ch. DO)
  • Over/Under/Reverse voltage protection
  • Can be DIN-rail mounted or wall mounted
  • iSMART, iAMT (11.6)
  • Expected lifetime = 15 years




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