Computing in a Cold Climate

Computing in a Cold Climate

If you’re already computing in refrigerated environments and cold warehouses, it will probably come as no surprise to you that all of the largest cold storage and refrigeration companies have one thing in common: they all use iKey rugged keyboards and displays. iKey has been making rugged keyboards for use in hostile environments for more than 15 years, and has become the manufacturer of choice for companies including Lineage Logistics and Americold Logistics.


What makes iKey peripherals the best choice?

The iKey range are able to perform when the going gets tough – they’re temperature-proof, humidity-proof, sealed and water-resistant. Furthermore, these keyboards offer a multitude of special features such as oversize keys and epoxy keycaps.


Three of the best for cold storage operations

For operators working in chilled environments, we would recommend the following keyboards:

  • DP-72 Mobile Keyboard – this excellent piece of kit comes with a small footprint and oversized keys, making it ideal for mounting and using on forklift trucks. iKey has used innovative design for the DP-72, creating a keyboard especially suited to rugged applications in manufacturing, material handling and remote data entry. It has unique oversized keys with a spacious layout to accommodate gloved hands, with colour arrangements designed for easy use. There are integral mounting holes and, despite its small footprint, it features a large numeric keypad. It’s rugged construction comes via a robust polycarbonate case, with industrial silicone keypads that have been sealed to prevent ingress by dust, moisture and corrosive liquids. USB and PS/2 configurations are available.
  • SL-86-911 Industrial Keyboard – this industrial keyboard comes with a force sensing resistor and an emergency key, making it a comprehensive rugged keyboard and pointing device in one product. Designed for public safety applications, it features an emergency key and red LED backlit keys. The force sensing resistor is an upgraded pointing device, providing improved sensitivity and increased durability. The SL-86-911 will fit securely in a vehicle’s console, making it an effective mobile application. It also boasts a completely sealed and ruggedized construction, meeting NEMA 4X specifications – the keyboard is fully sealed against dust, dirt and liquid ingress. It offers 86-key functionality with 12 function keys and PS/2 and USB configurations are available.
  • SLK-101-M-USB iKey SlimKey™ Mobile Industrial Keyboard – if you’re looking for full-sized functionality and versatility in a rugged, compact design, this should be your keyboard of choice. It comes with red LED backlit keys for low-light conditions, and has been engineered for NEMA 4X protection from dust, water and corrosive liquids. With a large numeric keypad for data entry and a robust polycarbonate case, it’s the ultimate workhorse for use in industrial, medical and material handling applications. It also features built-in mounting holes to enable in-vehicle mounting.


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