Why IT Pays To Go RUGGED

Why IT Pays To Go RUGGED

Certainly, there’s no denying that rugged computing products often cost more money than their off-the-shelf counterparts – but the moment you start taking your equipment outside the normal office environment, you’ll find that this extra cost will pay off in the long run.

Going RUGGED – the economic truth

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in and out of the workplace. And the clue’s in the name – being mobile means we expect to be able to take our computing devices with us wherever we go, even if that’s into harsh and challenging environments. For standard, off-the-shelf products this can present a problem – they’re rarely waterproof or dustproof, or able to work in extreme temperatures or absorb shocks and vibrations.

When you’re reliant on a certain piece of technology to get the job done, you can’t afford to have it fail. This makes buying a device that isn’t fit for purpose a false economy. Not only will you have the repair or replacement cost to factor in to total cost of ownership (TCO), but also the amount of downtime that the failure causes – the loss of production and missed opportunities may represent a substantially higher cost.

Consider your supply chain and identify where your technology is most challenged. Do you need to use devices out of doors, while travelling or in the field? Will they be subject to rough treatment, extremes of temperature, high levels of moisture in the air or even rain? Do you work somewhere where dust and dirt are a hazard you need to guard against? Think carefully about the costs you might incur if any of your supply chain technology failed. That reflects the true TCO and investing in either semi- or fully-rugged products for strategic areas of your workflow is likely to be more cost efficient in the long run.

As well as considering the impact of breakdowns and failures on the TCO of your essential technology, were you aware that rugged devices generally last much longer than off-the-shelf items? If you’re replacing smartphones, laptops, and handhelds every couple of years, you might be able to make substantial savings by replacing them with rugged devices, which are generally built to last upward of five years.

In other words, buying the cheapest consumer technology will be a false economy for tech areas that incur a heavy workload in difficult environments, and by taking the time to assess the TCO, you might find yourself quids in.


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